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Average Price : $17.59

4 Aces

Average Price : $11.22

752 Degrees

Average Price : $11.66

American Club

Average Price : $7.66 Deal

Black O

Black O

Average Price : $9.76

Borkum Riff

Average Price : $52.25


Average Price : $11.39


Average Price : $10.49

Captain Black

Average Price : $44.73

Carter Hall

Average Price : $32.39


Average Price : $12.13


Average Price : $14.19

Criss Cross

Average Price : $11.66 Deal

Farmers Gold

Farmers Gold

Average Price : $14.69

Five Brothers

Average Price : $31.89


Average Price : $11.28

Golden Harvest

Average Price : $12.12

Golden Harvest Select

Average Price : $10.72 Deal

Golden Leaf

Golden Leaf

Average Price : $15.29

Good Stuff Tobacco

Average Price : $10.84 Deal

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Great Choice

Great Choice

Average Price : $8.69

Half and Half

Average Price : $30.04

High Card

Average Price : $8.54

Hot Rod

Average Price : $9.94

Kentucky Select

Average Price : $10.35 Deal


Kentuckys Best

Kentuckys Best

Average Price : $10.69

Lane Limited

Average Price : $42.99


Average Price : $9.85


Average Price : $15.79 Deal



Average Price : $10.86


Average Price : $28.24

Prince Albert

Average Price : $32.99

Red River

Average Price : $11.97


Average Price : $13.56

Sir Walter Raleigh

Average Price : $34.64

Smokers Pride

Average Price : $27.59

Smokin G

Average Price : $8.79

Southern Steel

Average Price : $10.74


Average Price : $10.99

Super Value

Average Price : $26.39

Ten Pointer

Average Price : $8.97

Tin Star

Average Price : $8.34

Triple Crown

Average Price : $15.69


Average Price : $11.39


Average Price : $12.04

Pipe Tobacco

If you roll your own cigarettes (RYO) or smoke from a pipe, BluegrassTobacco.Com has you covered! We’ve got all of the best pipe and RYO tobacco brands, blends, and flavors. So, if you want to access close to wholesale tobacco prices and have the freshest flavors and finest blends shipped directly to your front door, this is unquestionably the place to shop.

From well-known RYO tobacco brands like Bugler, Zig Zag, Good Times, Premier, and Top, to newer brands like OHM, Nectar, and The Good Stuff, we’ve got it all. When you buy your RYO tobacco here, you’ll get the freshest quality and have access to real-life customer reviews. That way, you can shop with confidence!

Other impressive RYO tobacco brands that we sell are Action, 1839, 4 Aces, 752 Degree, Criss Cross, Cheyenne, Gambler, Elk Horn, Southern Steel, Largo, and many more! We even carry hard-to-find flavored RYO tobacco blends and flavors. For instance, we sell mouth-watering American Club tobacco in flavors like grape, peach, vanilla, and more!

Moreover, our pipe and RYO tobacco will always arrive fresh and ready to smoke. In fact, with fast shipping, you’ll be able to access fresher tobacco than you could ever buy in a physical retail location! We strive for quality and customer satisfaction. If you smoke from a pipe, we’ve got you covered there as well. Enjoy fan favorites like Borkum Riff, Captain Black, Middletons, Backwoods, Half and Half, and more.

BluegrassTobacco.com also has reliable customer service. That way, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting a quality product every time. We even offer deals and specials every day so that you’ll always get the most bang for your buck! Why pay more when you can get better tobacco for less? We are constantly updating our pipe and RYO tobacco inventory, so there’s always something new to love. Check out our vast selection of premium pipe and RYO tobacco to enjoy a better smoking experience now!


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