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Manufacturer : Scandinavian Tobacco
Brand : Sir Walter
Qty. / Pkg. : 12oz Can
Blend : Aromatic
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Manufacturer : Scandinavian Tobacco
Brand : Sir Walter Raleigh
Qty. / Pkg. : 14oz Can
Blend : Original

Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco

Nothing beats the feeling of relaxing after a long day with your pipe. A rich and refreshing smoke break can also be a great way to start your day! No matter how you enjoy pipe smoking, you’re sure to need a quality blend of premium tobacco by your side. That’s where Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco comes in!

Smooth, fresh, and loaded with authentic tobacco flavor, Sir Walter Raleigh is the perfect go-to option for selective pipe smokers. This all-original tobacco has been blended with authentic American-grown tobacco leaves and a range of signature ingredients for a smooth, rich, and fulfilling smoke like no other! Without a doubt, this is one of the most satisfying and authentic signature pipe tobacco blends out there.

Moreover, if tradition and flavor are important to you, you’ll really want to consider smoking with Sir Walter Raleigh. Since 1927, this tobacco brand has been following the same rules for quality and consistency. In fact, this is one of the most original tasting tobacco blends on the market! Every puff has hints of rich molasses, nutty mid-notes, and chocolatey top notes.

Named for Sir Walter Raleigh, a true tobacco pioneer, this brand is all about heritage and history. Sir Walter Raleigh is famous for discovering tobacco in the New World. After traveling to the Americas over 200 years ago, he made tobacco famous when he brought it back to England!

With its pleasant aroma and slightly sweet taste, Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco ensnares the senses. It’s also very smooth and satisfying to smoke. Large cans of Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco are great for avid smokers. Or, the pouches are perfect for smoking on-the-go. We sell Sir Walter Raleigh Tobacco in bulk as well, so if you’re looking to save money in the long-run, bulk buying is something to think about.

Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco pairs wonderfully with tea, coffee, or alcoholic beverages. Really, it’s the perfect anytime pipe tobacco. To save money on Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco, you can now order it here at close to wholesale online prices!


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