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Good Stuff Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz
Good Stuff Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz

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Good Stuff Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz

Privateer Tobacco Company
The Good Stuff
Full Flavor

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Top Customer Reviews

Susan C on 01/10/2024

John M on 11/29/2023
Not dry and barely any stems good tobacco

Matthew G on 07/12/2023
Good quality. Much better than what I was getting from local store.

Tom B on 06/30/2023

Mehmed A on 06/19/2023
I bought it because I read it somewhere that might taste a bit closer to Marlboro Red. But according to my brother, who is a full fledge Marlboro Red smoker…….he didn’t think it taste like Marlboro Red. That’s why I deduct one star.

Preston Y on 08/30/2022
This is great tobacco. I smoked Marlboro red 100's and this is pretty close to that. Plus it's 1/4 of the price. Always good to save money.

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