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Age Verification

I'm 21, why do I have to verify my age?

Due to FDA regulations, BluegrassTobacco.com must verify age of all new customers before the order will be shipped. We have implemented a solution from a third party company called AgeChecker.net to make this process as painless as possible. We CANNOT make any exceptions to this policy. If your order cannot be verified, we must cancel and refund the order.

How does it work?

Upon creation of an account with us we will capture your name, date of birth and address on the checkout form. This will then be used to verify your age through a large extensive database of public records. 90% of all customers that complete the checkout form correctly will be verified immediately and no additional information will be needed.

It is very important when registering your account with us, to put your name and date of birth exactly how it appears on your Driver's License or State Issued ID. Almost all of the Failed Age Verifications we receive are because the first name, last name, or date of birth was spelled incorrectly or entered incorrectly.

Upon the completion of placing your order, the final page will tell you if more information is needed. If more information is needed, we will then send you an email and text message with a link to upload a picture of your Driver's License or other State Issued ID. Do not worry, your identification is not stored anywhere with us or with AgeChecker.net. It is solely used to give a pass or fail with the information that was provided on the checkout process. Our customer service representatives are here to help through the whole process. Please reach out to us at the below contact information if needed!

What is AgeChecker.net?

AgeChecker.Net is an age verification technology used by online stores that sell age-restricted products such as electronic cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, etc. Age verification is required by many federal and state laws. AgeChecker.net provides websites with legally accepted records showing that their sales have been age verified. They do so in a way that is as unobtrusive to us and our customers, as possible.

What information is required?

For most customers, we only require name, date of birth, and address. If we cannot verify your age automatically, we will prompt you to submit an image of your government-issued photo ID - the same one you would present in a retail store to buy the same product.

How is my information secured?

The information you provide is used solely to verify your age. We never share or sell data to third-parties. Your privacy and security are important to us. Access to all of our services is protected with strong 256-bit AES encryption. Photo IDs are not stored; they are deleted as soon as you are verified.

I need help, who do I contact?

If you are having trouble with any step in the age verification process please reach out to one of our friendly customer service represenatives.

Email: CustomerService@BluegrassTobacco.com
Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm EST