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Manufacturer : John Middleton Co.
Brand : Carter Hall
Qty. / Pkg. : 14oz Can
Blend : Original

Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco

Nothing compares to the taste of a classic pipe tobacco blend. Selective pipe smokers who prize quality, consistency, and heritage will truly appreciate the characteristic flavors of premium Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco! For over 100 years, Carter Hall Tobacco has been a favorite among pipe smokers worldwide. So, if you want to smoke nothing but the best in your pipe, Carter Hall is well worth a try.

With 10 decades of quality backing it, every canister or package of Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco is made using only the finest grade-A ingredients. The straightforward flavors and smooth characteristics of this tobacco make for unforgettably rich and satisfying pipe smoking sessions!

In 1895, Carter Hall began using a fine ribbon-cut blend of Virginia and Kentucky tobacco leaves to craft a signature pipe smoking option that anyone could afford. Keeping things simple, they implemented only the finest natural flavoring ingredients for an authentic and satisfying smoke. The smooth bold taste and slightly sweet undertones of Carter Hall Tobacco will transport your senses to a simpler time.

If you want to wake up in the right mood, we recommend pairing the strong and distinct flavors of Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco with a cup of your favorite tea or coffee. Or, for a relaxing nightcap, the original Carter Hall blend goes wonderfully with a glass of bourbon or a whiskey on the rocks!

Every can of Carter Hall Tobacco has a resealable lid. This helps to retain the optimal levels of moisture and to preserve the premium tobacco's fine aromatic properties. That way, you’ll get the best possible value down to the very last pinch. Moreover, Carter Hall Tobacco is consistently cut so that stuffing your pipe will always be a relaxing and pleasurable experience! Since we sell Carter Hall Tobacco at close to wholesale prices, you can save money on this world-famous blend by ordering here!


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