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Manufacturer : Global Tobacco, LLC
Brand : Black O
Qty. / Pkg. : 16oz(1lb) Bag
Blend : Coolmint

Black O Pipe Tobacco

Smokers who want a smooth and refined experience should definitely give Black O Pipe Tobacco a try. This delightfully rich and satisfying tobacco blend implements a signature combination of American-grown tobacco leaves. Each bag of tobacco offers you impressive value for the money! Plus, when you order Black O Pipe tobacco here, you’ll also be able to access close to wholesale prices!

For those who roll their own cigarettes, Black O Pipe Tobacco is perfectly cut, delicately moistened, and deliciously smooth. It can easily be used with manual or automatic RYO machines! Or, you can enjoy it in a pipe to save yourself some cash. No matter how you smoke Black O Pipe Tobacco, you’re sure to love its smooth consistency and balanced flavor profile.

Speaking of flavor, Black O Tobacco comes in three main blends. First up is Black O Regular Tobacco. This blend of US-grown tobacco is rich, full-bodied, and loaded with authentic aromatic flavors. Then, there’s Black O Smooth. Blended to be mellow and flavorful without any harshness, Black O Smooth is a great option for selective smokers. Finally, there's crisp and refreshing Black O CoolMint. Made with essences of real mint, this slightly sweet tobacco blend is delightfully refreshing down to the last puff!

In every resealable bag of Black O Tobacco, you’ll find robust American-grown tobacco leaves that have been consistently cut and carefully packaged for optimal freshness. For the freshest tobacco possible, simply order here! We offer fast direct shipping and carry only the freshest high-quality tobacco blends. Since we strive to provide exceptional customer service, BluegrassTobacco.Com is easily one of the best places to order Black O Tobacco online.

If that’s not enough, our prices are incredibly low! Moreover, at BluegrassTobacco.Com, we are constantly updating our inventory. Check back regularly for new products and discounts! That way, you can skip the hassle of the smoke shop and save money at the same time!


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