Everything About Backwoods Cigars Including Where You Can Buy Online

According to Backwoods, “Perfection is Boring!” From all the good folks here at Bluegrass Tobacco, we couldn’t agree more! As most of you know, these all-American rustic cigarillos are unique in character and are 100% authentic in flavor.

Made with premium all-natural tobacco sourced from the Dominican Republic, each cigar features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper; adding quality, flavor, and authority to these cigars! As a brand, they’ve been able to connect with smokers by providing them with premium-quality cigars at affordable prices.

Not to mention, Backwoods is bold and original in every sense of the word. Plus, they offer an array of exciting flavors, so there’s never a boring moment when it comes time to make a selection! That said, you may want to try them all until you find your match!  

The Story of Backwood Cigars ━ Short, Sweet & Accurate

Introduced three years after former President Richard Nixon enacted the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act (PHCSA) in 1970;  this brand was able to stand out and make a clear distinction between its cigars and cigarettes. 

After establishing this separate identity, they were able to bypass the new cigarette advertising ordinance enacted by Nixon. From that time going forward, Backwoods would continue to publicly and legally advertise its brand in newspapers, magazines, on the radio, and of course, on television.

However, since the 1990s, this brand, among all others, had to resort to new methods of advertising. Luckily, this happened during the same time that the internet came to the American household. In fact, Backwoods launched its website in July of 1997; since then, there’s been no turning back! 

From Advertising Restrictions to SEO and Online Retail Domination

As the internet quickly gained traction and popularity in the US, so did Backwoods Cigars! Indeed, after establishing its website in the late 90s, Backwoods quickly learned how to rank its brand on the web, allowing them to advertise its products to interested consumers without expensive advertising costs!

Best of all and unlike cigarettes; cigars, little cigars, machine-made cigars, domestic cigars, filtered cigars, cigarillos, pipe tobacco, and nicotine pouches are all available for online purchase from a licensed online retailer such as Bluegrass Tobacco! Plus, cigars and pipe tobacco including roll-your-own tobacco, can all ship to you via USPS, UPS, or FedEx. 

On that note, we would like to say for the record that we do not encourage smoking or the use of any nicotine products. Yes, we use tobacco, and we sell it too, however; like you, we’re also grown and make our own decisions. So if you smoke tobacco as we do, then it’s you who we’re writing to, nobody else!

With that said, you must be 21+ to buy tobacco online including Backwoods Cigars! So if you’re not of age, then there’s nothing for you to see. If you don’t smoke, we salute you, keep it that way and have a wonderful day! As for all our grown-ass smokers with us today, thanks for stopping by and learning everything there’s to know about this iconic American cigar brand.

As a peace offering for your time, we’d now like the opportunity to let you know where you can buy Backwoods online, and why we recommend these sites. Not only are you going to discover where to purchase these cigars for cheap, but we’re also going to tell you how you can enjoy nationwide free shipping on all these products as well. Let’s dive in, shall we? 

Where To Buy Backwoods Cigars Online For Cheap

There are many places where you can buy Backwoods Cigars online for a great price! Better yet, when you buy online buy the case, you’ll get it for the same price local brick-and-mortar retailers pay! So if you smoke Backwoods and appreciate them as much as we do, then this is where we recommend buying your next box of Woods.

1. BluegrassTobacco.com
2. BuyPipeTobacco.com
3. BuyLittleCigars.com
4. DiscountLittleCigars.com
5. RiverfrontGifts.com

The reason we recommend all these sites is that they’re owned by the same company. Not only are they one company, but each site offers something a little different than the others! For example, some sites offer just tobacco products and some offer tobacco, snacks, nuts, and even candy! So as you see, they’re all the same, but different in their own ways!

Furthermore, and probably most importantly, when you order from these sites, not only will you be able to enjoy fast nationwide shipping, but you’ll also receive fresh products every time! Indeed, all of the tobacco & food products sold on these sites are stored in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment, so freshness is guaranteed.

Best of all, when you purchase $199 or more, you’ll qualify for FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE! In other words, the more you buy at these particular sites, the more you’ll save! 

Backwoods Flavors Available For Online Purchase

Banana Backwoods
Black Russian Backwoods
Cognac XO Backwoods
Dark Leaf Backwoods
Dark Stout Backwoods
Honey Backwoods
Honey Berry Backwoods
Honey Bourbon Backwoods
Original Backwoods
Russian Cream Backwoods
Sweet Aromatic Backwoods
Wild Rum Backwoods

So there you have it, everything there’s to know about Backwoods Cigars! Now you know the History behind the brand, what type of tobacco is used in these cigars, where to buy them online, and what flavors are available! That being said, pick up a box today and experience the difference at Bluegrass Tobacco, America’s #1 Online Smoke Shop!