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Optimo Cigars Like You Never Had Before

Since 1993, Optimo Cigars has been satisfying smokers nationwide! Made famous by the late Notorious B.I.G. – Rest In Peace, these primo cigarillos are rich in character and feature bold flavors that are genuine-tasting and authentic, as expected. 

In this article we’re going to discuss everything there’s to know about Optimo Cigars! That’s right; we’re going to talk about the history of this brand, what type of tobacco is used, all the flavors available, and where you can buy them online, in bulk, for cheap! 

On that note, let’s break it down and roll this one up! Actually, before we do that, we must first add that we’re not encouraging anyone to smoke, if you do chief as we do, then you’re the one we write this for, this article is exclusively for you! 

Also, you must be 21 or over to purchase tobacco, so if you’re not of age, beat it, there’s nothing to see here! Now, with all that out of the way, let’s get back to grown folk business! After all, that’s what we’re all here for, right?! 

From Old Times To The New And Improved Optimo Cigar

First and foremost, Optimo Cigars are a Swisher Sweet product. In fact, Swisher International purchased the maker of this brand, Universal Cigar, way back in 1986. So as you can see, these bad boys are 100% Swisher-owned, yet they’re 100% unique in flavor and style, thus they shouldn’t be compared. 

Speaking of character, Optimo Cigars are made with all-natural whole leaf long-filler Dominican-grown tobacco! Now, we know like 99% of y’all, us included, are going to dump the guts out. That said, this brand puts a lot of focus into the quality of the wrapper, which is made from selected tobacco leaves, not scrap filler as some critics will suggest. 

However, people will say anything to stir up a little controversy, unfortunately, tobacco products are always a prime target, even though we’re grown and know what we’re doing! In other words, forget what they say, try an Optimo Cigar for yourself and experience the difference! 

Experience All 8 Flavors From Optimo Cigars

Now that we got all the facts straight, let’s discover all eight original flavors from this legendary brand. Also, you can click each image below and it will direct you to that product page right here on Bluegrass Tobacco! So if you’re looking to explore new exciting flavors, then here’s your chance to make it happen! 

Optimo Blue

If you’re looking for that old-school original vanilla flavor, then Optimo Blue cigarillos are the way to go! Furthermore, you can score a 30-count box for less than retail value, plus they’re available for nationwide delivery, just click the image below and checkout, it’s that easy! 

Optimo Cream

As for those who enjoy a rich, creamy flavor, then we suggest giving Optimo Cream a try! Not only are they excellent-tasting, but they’re also enjoyable to be around. Indeed, the aroma from these cigarillos is warm and inviting! With this in mind, scoop up a box today and unwind. 

Optimo Diamond

Made with a unique blend of premium Dominican tobacco, Optimo Diamond cigarillos are 100% authentic-tasting! Also, this flavor is smooth to consume and enjoyable from start to finish! With no added sweetness, you’re really going to taste your herb! 

Grape Optimo

Hand’s down; when it comes to this particular flavor, Grape Optimo cigarillos are superior in every sense of the word. With every brand under the moon producing grape-flavored cigars, to compete, Optimo had to offer something no other brand can rival, and that’s exactly what this did, they nailed it. 

Optimo Green

When it comes to keeping it naturally green, Optimo Green cigarillos are a top choice! In fact, the Green Leaf Optimo is one of the brand’s most-prized flavors! Available in a 30-pack box, you can score 60 cigars for a price below the national average simply by clicking the link below! Enjoy! 

 Optimo Mango

There’s no doubt about it, when it comes to flavor, the Optimo Mango cigarillo is packed with all-natural mango goodness! So if you enjoy tropical-tasting cigars, then this is the one that’ll excite your tastebuds the most, with no regrets! 

Optimo Silver

Crafted with excellence, Optimo Silver cigarillos are rich in pure tobacco flavor, unsweet, and 100% satisfying! So if you enjoy your blunts straight up with no flavors added, then Silver Optimos are the way to go! Not only are they natural-tasting, but they’re also slow-burning as well. Now, that’s a win-win in our book! 

Optimo Sweets

Just as you’d expect, Optimo Sweets are a real treat! But then again, these cigarillos are made by the King of Sweets, Swisher International. With that being the case, you can only expect greatness! Made with fine cuts of Dominican-grown tobacco, Optimo Sweets taste great, burn slow, and feature just the right amount of sweetness! Now, it’s your turn to try! 

Benefits Of Buying Optimo Cigars Online

First, buying tobacco online is fast, easy, and convenient. Plus, it’s super affordable, especially if you buy your supply for us! Not to brag or anything, but we do have some of the best prices found on the internet. Furthermore, gas stations and brick-and-mortar smoke shops can’t even compete with our prices! 

Moreover, at Bluegrass Tobacco, we offer flat rate delivery and nationwide shipping on all tobacco products including our vast selection of Optimo Cigars! So if you’re looking to add a little flavor and class to your herb, then we recommend keeping it within the Swisher Family and roll with Optimos!

Last, but not least, buying at an online tobacco store is reliable and rewarding! That’s right; when you shop at BGT for all your smoking needs, you’ll receive weekly coupons, discounts, and updates! With customer service available by email or phone, it just doesn’t get any better! Oh yeah, and you can pay with credit, debit, check, or even a money order! 

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