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A Complete Smoker’s Rolling Paper Guide 

Whether you’re rolling your own cigarettes by hand or just looking for the ultimate way to make the perfect blunt, you’re going to need some premium rolling papers. These days, quality papers can make or break a joint, blunt, or roll-your-own cigarette.

In this useful rolling paper guide, we’ll go over some of the absolute best papers of all time. Then, we’ll give you the rundown on what to look for as you shop for your next pack. That way, you’ll always be rolling in style! 

From A to Zig Zag, we’ll go over all of the best wraps and everything that you need to know! Before long, you’ll be smoking like a pro on some of the finest flavors the smoking world has ever seen. Let’s get rolling! 

Types Of Rolling Papers and Cigarette Tubes

Before we can get going on the best rolling papers and flavors around, let’s first discuss what exactly constitutes a joint or blunt. First off, rolling papers come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Additionally, they can be made from a range of different materials. 

Also, it can be helpful to know that blunt wraps are technically a type of rolling paper. However, blunt wraps are usually thicker and are usually made with tobacco or hemp. Lastly, blunt wraps usually burn slowly and evenly for a relaxing smoking experience.

Rolling Paper Materials, Flavors, and Styles 

Next, you should know that rolling papers come in a range of variations and flavors. For instance, different materials include homogenized tobacco wrappers, real whole tobacco leaves, hemp, and even tea leaves. 

From there, you can choose between a wide array of flavor options. We’re talking about flavors like mango, vanilla, cognac, grape, raspberry, strawberry, and the list goes on. By the way, just about every blunt wrap and rolling paper brand offer smokers natural, grape, tropical, and sweet options. 

By the way, if you’re using rolling papers for handmade tobacco cigarettes, keep in mind that filtered tubes are a great option. Thin, versatile, and easy-to-use, these filtered tubes can also be used to make the perfect cigarette, every time. Filtered cigarette tubes come in many flavors and are usually sold in a 200-count box.

Different Uses For Different Papers 

Thick blunt papers are ideal for smokers seeking rich, all-natural flavors. As for regular papers, they’re great for smokers on the go, and for those who just enjoy smoking from traditional rolling papers. Finally, there are pre-rolled cones! These are perfect for making dispensary-style blunts/ joints in seconds! 

Remember, you can use any kind of paper to accommodate your smoking style. After all, this is your individual hobby. So, don’t let tradition get in the way of your creativity! Roll how you want to and choose the flavors and paper styles that best suit your individual smoking needs. 

The Right Paper Thickness

As a rule, the thicker a paper is, the slower it will burn and the better it will hold its shape. Indeed, that’s why rolling cones work so well! Additionally, hemp blunt wraps tend to come in more flavors than other paper styles. 

Therefore, if you have been searching high and low for delightfully flavored rolling papers, try looking into blunt wraps. Particularly, flavored blunt wraps made with hemp, although tobacco-based wraps are just as fire, it all depends on what you prefer!  

The Best Choice for Hand-Rolled RYO Cigarettes

For smokers looking to enjoy their favorite tobacco blends on the go, Zig Zag Unbleached Papers are a fantastic option. No doubt, Zig Zag Unbleached Cigarette Papers are free of chemicals and burn evenly, as they should. Best of all, they’re affordable, portable, and will let you effortlessly taste every note of your tobacco. 

Most Impressive Unflavored Papers for Mary Jane

If you’ve been looking for an extremely thin and delicious rolling paper for that good green herb, then we totally recommend trying RAW. No cap, RAW Natural rolling papers are absolutely perfect for tasting your terpenes. Free of harsh chemicals and made with Alcoy Mountain Hemp, they’re an absolute premium solution! 

Better yet, the RAW company is clean and eco-friendly so you can go greener while smoking your green! You should also know that RAW rolling papers are extremely thin and easy to work with. The RAW brand even has some great pre-rolled cones for Ganja-lovers who hate rolling! 

Best Blunt Wrap and Rolling Paper Flavors 

Okay, so now you know everything that there is to know about different styles of rolling papers. In this next section, we’ll get into the good stuff. That’s right, we’re talking about primo blunt wraps and rolling paper flavors. Here, you’ll find some of the tastiest rolling paper and blunt wrap flavors options of all time! 

Best Organic Hemp Flavored Wraps

Organic flavored hemp wraps are perfect for those seeking natural green goodness. These delicious hemp wraps burn slowly and smoothly with minimal ash. In some cases, they also contain natural THC or CBD essences. So, they can make your high even more relaxing! So which wrap wins in this category? 

Winner: High Hemp Organic Wraps

No argument about it, we have to give a shout-out to High Hemp Organic Wraps. These delicious wraps will take your smoking sessions to all new heights with their luscious and unforgettable flavors. On top of that, these wraps come with naturally occurring CBD traces. 

Mouth-watering High Hemp Organic Wrap Flavor Options Include: 

  • High Hemp Organic Area 51
  • High Hemp Organic Bare Berry 
  • High Hemp Organic Blazin Cherry
  • High Hemp Organic Dutch Cream
  • High Hemp Organic GrapeApe
  • High Hemp Organic Honey Pot Swirl
  • High Hemp Organic Hydro Lemonade 
  • High Hemp Organic Maui Mango 
  • High Hemp Organic Pineapple Paradise 
  • High Hemp Organic Wraps Original Unflavored 

Without question, High Hemp Organic Wraps have got to be some of the most popular and versatile hemp blunt wraps of all time. Not to mention, they burn smooth, even, and slow, as expected.

Plus, they’re made with all-natural cannabinoid materials, extracts, and essences! As such, they naturally enhance the flavor of your herb. They even contain natural flavoring oils!

Although it’s hard to decide between these tasty flavors, one of the most popular flavor options from this brand is Dutch Cream. However, this flavor is closely followed by the refreshing Hydro Lemonade option. From there, the GrapeApe and all-new Area 51 (green apple) hemp wraps tie for 3rd place, but we’ll let you decide! 

Best Real Leaf Pre-Rolled Rolling Cones

Pre-rolled cones can be made with real tobacco leaves or even hemp leaves. These pre-rolls are like paper pre-rolled cones. Except, instead of fry paper, these cones usually use raw, real, or authentic materials like dry-cured, aged, or flavored tobacco leaves. As such, they don’t detract from the flavors of your tobacco or Mary Jane. 

Winner: Royal Blunts Hemparillo Pre-Rolled Real Leaf Cones

Alright, now let’s go over some of the absolute best real-leaf pre-rolled cones around. In this category, we have to say that the Royal Blunts Hemparillo Cone is an all-time favorite and top-rated industry leader. These delicious pre-rolled come in a wide range of mouth-watering flavors! 

Royal Blunt Hemparillo Cone Flavors: 

  • Blueberry Royal Blunt Hemparillo
  • Grape Royal Blunt Hemparillo
  • Mango Haze Royal Blunt Hemparillo
  • Naked Royal Blunt Hemparillo
  • OGK Royal Blunt Hemparillo
  • Sweets Royal Blunt Hemparillo

Best Genuine Tobacco Leaf Wraps 

Absolutely nothing can compare to the flavor of a genuine tobacco leaf blunt wrapper. To be sure, we aren’t talking about homogenized paper wrappers. 

Although these homogenized wrappers can be extremely delicious, nothing tops the taste of a genuine whole leaf wrapper. In today’s modern smoking world, these wraps often come in a range of unforgettable flavor infusions.

To describe these wraps, think of fine cigars that are fresher than anything you have ever tasted before. From there, imagine stuffing these cigars with a premium cannabis filler. When you roll up your herb in these delicious leaf wrappers, you can create a bold and satisfying smoke like nothing else in the world. 

In some cases, these flavorful authentic leaves are also fermented for a smoking experience that you won’t soon forget. Usually, these premium wraps are made using shade-grown Connecticut tobacco leaves. 

Winners: Pure Leaf & Al Capone Wraps Tie 

The winner of the best genuine tobacco leaf wrap category is a tie between Al Capone Leaf Wraps and Pure Leaf Wraps. When it comes down to it, we really can’t choose between these two tasty options.

Both of these mouth-watering wraps are made using fine authentic aged or dry-cured tobacco leaves. Consequently, the effect is a smooth and delicious smoking experience like nothing you have ever tried before! 

Al Capone Leaf Wraps 

Just like the gangster that they’re named after, these delicious leaf wraps are smooth, powerful, and unforgettable. Made with signature flavors, these premium real leaf blunt wraps provide an unparalleled smoking experience. Even though they’re a tad pricier than certain other options on the market, these genuine tobacco leaf wrappers are worth it. 

Best Selling Al Capone Leaf Wrap Flavor Options: 

  • Cognac Al Capone Leaf Wraps
  • Original Al Capone Leaf Wrap 
  • Rum Al Capone Leaf Wrap  

All of the flavors that Al Capone Leaf wraps come in are truly mouth-watering. This company specializes in aged tobacco and fresh beverage flavors. The Cognac wrap flavor is particularly luxurious. On the other hand, the genuine Rum flavor is sweet, smooth, and undeniable premium. 

Pure Leaf Wraps

With these hand-cut tobacco leaf wraps, you’ll get a whole pure tobacco leaf to roll with! This means no holes, messy tobacco fillers to dump, or wasting time. On top of that, these wraps are never overly dry. Plus, they’re nearly as thin as joint papers but with pure smooth slow-burning blunt flavor. And the flavors? To put it bluntly, they’re unforgettable. 

Pure Leaf Wrap Flavors 

  • Pure Leaf Chocolate Vanilla Wraps  
  • Pure Leaf Double Cup Wraps
  • Pure Leaf Golden Honey Wraps  
  • Pure Leaf Natural Wraps 

Pure Leaf Wraps come in four of the most mouthwatering flavoring infusions of all time. First of all is double the cup (lean) flavor which tastes suspiciously like an herbal dosage of your favorite medicine, if you catch our drift.

Next, they offer a rich chocolate-vanilla flavor that compliments anything you’re smoking on. Finally, there’s a sweet sticky honey flavor and an all-natural tobacco wrap. Whatever flavor you opt for, you’ll enjoy wholesome and satisfying tobacco goodness in every smooth sweet puff.  

Other Papers and Blunt Wraps To Consider

So there you have it! Now, you’ve been filled in on some of the most popular and delicious styles of rolling papers and blunt wraps out there. With all of that being said, we aren’t done yet. Not by a long shot! Now, let’s go over some of our honorable mentions. 

4 Kings Wraps 

First off are 4 Kings Wraps. Tasty 4 Kings wraps are deliciously smooth and flavorful. Plus, they come at extremely low prices. That way, you can light up and save money all at the same time! Talk about enjoying your green while saving some green. 

Good Times Flat Wraps

Next up, have a look at Good Times Flat Wraps. These signature flat wraps have an even and level design. So, they’re super easy to roll with. Also, they are easy to store and come in a range of great flavors. The most popular Good Times Flat wrap flavor is Peach. 

ALL-NEW Sweet Woods Genuine Tobacco Leaf Wraps

From there, you can check out premium new Sweet Woods Leaf wraps. Recently released, these delicious Good Times real-leaf wrappers are natural. Made with genuine tobacco, they’re great for a flavor and satisfaction experience in every smooth puff! 

Even though these delicious wraps are relatively new to the market, they will soon likely be a top option. In fact, these delicious wraps have been selling out all across the country! The reason for this is that they use real tobacco leaves to create a smooth smoking sensation like nothing else in the entire world. 

Best of all, sweet Woods Leaf wraps come in a wide range of crave-worthy flavor infusions. With a nice dose of nicotine, these delicious wraps are aged to perfection. This makes them extremely satisfying. Also, each and every wrap is made with a genuine tobacco leaf. 

Sweet Woods Wrap Flavors: 

Top-rated Sweet Woods Leaf Wrap flavors are Russian Cream, Sweet Aroma, Platinum, Irish Cream, and Natural. We’re particularly fond of the Irish Cream and Russian Cream flavors! Yum. 

Double Platinum Blunt Wraps 

No blunt wrap and rolling paper list would be complete without Double Platinum Blunt Wraps. Double Platinum Blunt Wraps are perfect for cigar lovers who want that pure tobacco flavor with their herbal goods. 

Not to mention, you can easily use these wraps for fresh rolling tobacco. Made fresh and flavored with premium ingredients, these long-lasting wraps burn smoothly and slowly every time. With all of that being mentioned, the best part about these wraps is probably their unique flavors. 

Double-platinum blunt wraps come in flavors like Cosmopolitan, mosquito, 0, and white grape. We are especially fond of the cosmopolitan flavor! It’s perfectly sweet and super refreshing. 

Zig-Zag Brand Blunt Wraps 

Last but certainly not least, we have to mention the newest flavors in the latest Zig Zag blunt wrap lineup. Featuring the famous Zig Zag Zouave on the front, these delicious wraps are made with authentic ingredients. So, if you choose these wraps, you’re in for an unparalleled smoking experience! 

We have to say, it’s about time that Zig Zag made flavored wraps! After all, every stoner remembers lighting up with old-school Zig Zag papers in their friend’s garage as teenagers. Today, Zig Zag papers come in all kinds of mouth-watering flavors with some truly tantalizing aromas! 

In fact, Zig Zag wraps have more flavor options than almost any other brand! These new Zig Zag wrap flavor options include Apple, Orange, Blueberry, Cherry, DragonBerry, Gold, Grape, Green, Mango, Melon, Orange, Peach, Pineapple, Pink, Straight Up, Strawberry, Sweet, and creamy Vanilla. 

Best Zig Zag Wrap Flavors: 

With these wraps, our favorite flavors include Vanilla, Sweet, Melon, Dragon Berry, and Mango. Also, the Peach, Pineapple, Orange, and strawberry flavors are particularly tasty. With a legacy of legendary smoker satisfaction, Zig Zag is a brand you can trust! 

Actually, the only reason that Zig Zag wraps didn’t make the cut as a category winner is that they’re so new to the market. Honestly, it won’t be long until these wraps are a top-rated smoker favorite! Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Either way, we highly recommend giving them a try!

That’s a Wrap

There you go, now you know! With all of this helpful info, you’re now fully aware of what rolling papers and blunt wraps are the best flavor options to try. Armed with the facts, you can now shop more confidently. After all, no one likes having blunt wrap buyer’s regret! 

Now, you can go check out BuyPipeTobacco.Com! This is a premium supplier of smoking accessories, blunt wraps, RYO tobacco, rolling papers, and so much more! With this handy site, you can skip the trip to the smoke shop and get everything you need in one spot. You’re welcome! 

Not to worry, you’re pretty much a pro now. If you’ve read this whole guide, we’d even call you an expert! Are you ready to browse through hundreds of premium rolling paper and blunt wrap flavors for sale? If you are, just click here. Happy smoking, and thanks for stopping by. logo