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High Hemp Wraps

Made in the Netherlands, High Hemp Wraps are now one of the best-selling all-natural wraps on the market. But then again, this brand was the first one in the game to launch a Vegan-approved Hemp wrap!

That’s right; High Hemp Wraps are made from pure, CBD-Positive Hemp. In other words, they’re 100% free of all unwanted preservatives, unnecessary pesticides, antibiotics, harmful growth stimulants, GMOs, tobacco, nicotine, and fertilizers. So as you can see, when it comes to clean and green, High Hemp is a brand that lives up to its name!

In addition to quality and class, High Hemp Wraps are also famous for offering smokers a variety of flavors including Bare Berry, Blazin’ Cherry, Dutch Cream, Grapeape, Honey Pot Swirl, Hydro Lemonade, Maui Mango, Pineapple Paradise, and everyone’s favorite, Original. Plus, this brand plans to drop more flavors later this year, we’ll surely let you know when they do!

Last, but not least, High Hemp Wraps are available in bulk, at bulk prices, and ready to ship nationwide! We carry 25-pack boxes, which consist of 50 wraps for a price that can’t be touch, not online or by your local smoke shop. So don’t pass up this great opportunity to smoke more responsibly, choose High Hemp for the win-win, we’re sure you’ll be more than impressed.