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Rolling Your Own Pipe Tobacco Will Save You Thousands  

So what is pipe tobacco, and how can it save the average cigarette smoker thousands of dollars every year? Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss! So if you’ve been looking to pile up some extra cash this year, then keep reading to discover how you CAN start saving today!

In fact, we GUARANTEE that if you follow our advice on how you can smoke better for less, then you’ll SAVE hundreds this month alone! However, before we dive into all the juicy details, as a disclaimer, smoking is bad for your health, and if you were to quit today, then you would ultimately save the most money, and perhaps even live longer. Also, you must be 21+ to purchase tobacco online at Bluegrass Tobacco and live in the United States. 

The Facts About Pipe Tobacco 

For many cigarette smokers, the term “pipe tobacco” doesn’t come to mind, especially if the person doesn’t smoke tobacco from a pipe. However, pipe tobacco is the SAME tobacco found in cigars and cigarettes!

That’s right; pipe tobacco comes in both American blends or Turkish blends. The difference between the two is simple; American consists of 3 blends, Virginia, Burley, and Oriental also-known-as Turkish tobacco. As for the Turkish blend, it consists of only Burley and Turkish. To understand the difference, Marlboros are an American blend, and Camels are made from a Turkish blend.

So as you can see, pipe tobacco is the same thing as cigarette tobacco. So what’s the difference you may be wondering? Well, there are some major points of interest here, and we’re going to tell it how it is! No sugar-coating, only facts.

First and foremost, pipe tobacco isn’t laced with thousands of harmful chemicals such as so-called regular cigarettes! So if you’ve been wondering why cigarettes are state-regulated and not available for online purchasing, well, it’s because of all the extra-added chemicals! Since pipe tobacco and cigar tobacco are made from just pure tobacco, then there’s not much ground for extra regulations. As a benefit, you can buy online, nationwide, and for the same price, regardless of where you live in the USA.

Understanding Tobacco Blends

As we mentioned above, there are 3 types of tobacco leaves used to make cigarettes, pipe tobacco blends, and cigars. These 3 different types are Virginia, Burley, & Turkish. Virginia tobacco is flue-cured. This means that the tobacco leaf is naturally heated, usually by fire, which gives it a beautiful golden-brown color. 

Burley tobacco consists of higher amounts of nicotine and is air-cured. However, smoking this good stuff alone is too harsh to inhale, which is why it’s so compatible with Virginia tobacco.

In regards to Turkish tobacco, it is very low in nicotine content. Nonetheless, this sun-cured tobacco features a rich flavor profile, which is the reason why it’s added to the traditional American blend. 

After the curing phase is complete, these 3 different types of leaves are sent to a processing department where the ribs and veins are separated from the tobacco leaf. After this step is complete, the leaves will go through a highly-controlled aging process, which generally lasts for several months. This step is necessary as it enhances the tobacco’s characteristics in terms of quality and flavor. 

Switch to Pipe Tobacco and Save Thousands

With all those facts out of the way, it’s now time to dive into the money! We’ve been in the tobacco business for several decades, so when it comes to saving money and smoking for less, we have a lot of experience. Not only do we sell tobacco, but we also roll our own cigarettes! It’s cheaper, better tasting, less harmful, and most importantly, satisfying! 

On average, you can score a 1lb (16oz) bag of pipe tobacco for roughly $15, usually cheaper. Next, you’ll need to buy 3 boxes of filtered cigarette tubes. Each box comes with 200 tubes, so 3 boxes equal 30 packs; or 3 cartons. So why do we recommend 3 boxes of tubes? Well, 1lb of pipe tobacco will easily yield 600 full-size or 100mm RYO cigarettes! A box of tubes costs about $3 on average. That said, you can produce up to 30 packs of smokes for less than $25, we’ll let you do the math on how much you could be saving!

Now that you understand how much money you’re giving away, it’s time to take a stand and make a change! But before we can proceed, you’re going to need one more thing, an electric cigarette rolling machine, which we have several different models here at Bluegrass Tobacco, which we will show you now. 

Selecting Your Next Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine

Now that you know the cost of rolling your own cigarettes from home, or from wherever you might be, it’s time to get an electric cigarette rolling machine! From our experience, we recommend the Powermatic IV. Indeed, this bad boy is tough, durable, made with stainless steel parts, jam-resistant, compact, quiet, and can produce 20 cigarettes, 1 pack, in about 5-7 minutes, depending on quick you are at rolling! 

The process of operating a Powermatic is super easy, anyone can do it for sure! All you have to do is plug it in, fill up the hopper with loose pipe tobacco, slide on a filtered cigarette tube, push a little tobacco into the chamber, and pull the lever down, and boom, you have 1 freshly made RYO cigarette! After that, you’ll repeat the process until the hopper is empty. 

Choosing the Right Brand

When it comes to this part, there are no right or wrong brands to select from as everyone has their own preferences. However, there are some brands that are more popular than others, and for a good reason! Again, this part is based on opinion, and of course, sales.

From our end, we’d say that these top 5 brands are a sure go, although we invite you to try anyone that catches your eye. At Bluegrass Tobacco, we guarantee that your tobacco will deliver fresh, so in those regards, we’ll never disappoint.

On that note, we recommend these 5 major brands:

1. The Good Stuff Tobacco  

This brand comes in 16oz & 6oz bags. Available in Gold, Menthol Gold, Menthol, Natural, Regular (Red), and Silver. 

2. American Club Tobacco 

As for this brand, it comes in 16oz bags only and is available in Smooth, Menthol, & Full-Flavor. 

3. Criss Cross Tobacco 

Also available in 16oz & 6oz bags, Criss Cross comes in several flavors including Menthol, Original, Smooth, Smooth Menthol, Ultra Smooth, Virginia Blend Smooth, Menthol, & Regular. 

4. OHM Tobacco 

Available in 6oz, 8oz, & 16oz bags, OHM comes in Blue (Smooth), Bold (Full-Flavor), Extra Bold, Menthol Gold, Menthol, Natural, Silver, Turkish Red, and Yellow flavors. 

5. Kentucky Select Tobacco 

This popular brand comes in 16oz & 6oz bags. Also, it’s available in Gold, Mint Blue (Menthol Smooth), Mint Green (Menthol), Red (Full-Flavor), and Silver. 

Buying Pipe Tobacco at Bluegrass Tobacco 

Now that you’re armed with the truth and nothing but the truth, now it’s time to start saving some money and smoking better tobacco in the process. 

At Bluegrass Tobacco, all of our pipe tobacco and cigars are stored in a humidity-controlled facility here in Newport, Kentucky! We have an open-door policy during business hours, so if you’re in the area, please feel free to stop by and purchase your discounted tobacco from us in person, we’d love to meet you!

As for everyone not in our area, our online prices are just as cheap! Plus, we offer flat-rate nationwide shipping to all points in the United States! So don’t delay another day, order your tobacco online and experience the difference!