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Hemp Zone Wraps Now Come In 14 Exciting Flavors

Hands down; when it comes to flavors and options, Hemp Zone Wraps are a top-notch brand worth considering! Not only are these hemp wraps gaining mass popularity on a nationally recognized level, but they’re also selling out just as fast. 

In fact, smoke shops nationwide struggle to keep up with the demand. Not to mention, finding a tobacco store that offers all 14 flavors is next to impossible! However, we’ve been in the business for several years, so when it comes to situations like this, it’s our business to make sure smokers have options!

So if you’re tired of being told “sorry, we’re all sold out of Hemp Zone Wraps,” then here’s your chance to never hear that again! In addition to discovering all 14 flavors, we’re also going to share some fun facts with you about this brand. Plus, reveal a few reasons why you should switch!

On that note, let’s dive in and discover everything there’s to know about this brand and where you can buy it online! Hint, you won’t have to go far! 

Hemp Zone Wraps

The Best Or Nothing

First and foremost, the brand’s motto says it loud and clear, “The Best Or Nothing.” Now, that’s a pretty bold statement to make in the Hemp/ CBD industry, wouldn’t you agree?

Nonetheless, this brand lives up to its motto; thus giving Hemp Zone all bragging rights! So what does the motto mean to consumers? Well, after doing some thorough research, we discovered that this brand only uses organically-grown, high-quality hemp, which they purchase from local hemp farmers in the US. 

According to Hemp Zone, they only use premium cannabinoid-rich hemp, which is treated with organic fertilizers. As a benefit of using such hemp, the brand ensures consumers that Hemp Zone is safe to consume! 

Furthermore, Hemp Zone contains 7x more CBD than other popular brands! So in terms of how they stack up against the leading competition, this is one major factor worth pointing out. 

Unfortunately, many brands abstract the CBD from the hemp they use for making their products, but according to High Hemp, they don’t do this, which allows them to stand out above their competitors! 

Hemp Zone Wraps

Naturally Clean, Naturally Green

As you’d expect, Hemp Zone Wraps are truly green and clean! Indeed, these all-natural wraps contain 0% Tobacco, 0% Nicotine, and of course, they’re 100% non-addictive! 

Although keep in mind, once you try this brand, it’ll be hard to settle for less again! But then again, why should you?!

In addition to being green and clean, Hemp Zone Wraps are Vegan-approved. That’s right; this all-American brand is certified organic and contains no GMO or any other harmful chemicals, ingredients, or by-products! 

Other than that, Hemp Zone Wraps contain less than 0.03% of THC; therefore, this brand can be sold nationwide and purchased online! 

Furthermore, these particular hemp wraps burn show, taste great, and come in 14 unique flavors! Speaking of flavors, let’s dive in and explore all 14, shall we? After all, that’s what you came here for, correct?

Hemp Zone Wraps

Discover All 14 Flavors By Hemp Zone

With all those juicy facts out of the way, it’s now time to get into the good stuff! That’s right; we’re going to reveal all 14 flavors by Hemp Zone, where you can buy them, and much more! On that note, let’s cut to the chase and examine these flavors, shall we? 

Lemonade Hemp Wraps

If you’ve been looking for a refreshing flavor that’s smooth, yet bold, then we recommend giving Hemp Zone Lemonade Hemp Wraps a try! Not only are they fresh and delicious to consume, but they’re also slow-burning and authentic-tasting as well. 

Lemonade Hemp Zone Wraps

White Peach Hemp Wraps

If you love sweet Georgia White Peaches, then you’re going to fall in love with this flavor! 

So if sweet and tangy is what you’re into, then we’re confident you’ll enjoy these White Peach Hemp Wraps by Hemp Zone. Indeed, there’s nothing quite like them available! 

White Peach Hemp Zone Wraps

Russian Gem Hemp Wraps

First and foremost, Russian Gem Hemp Wraps by Hemp Zone is one of the best-tasting flavors to hit the market this year! 

Not only are they unique and original, but they also feature complex notes of all-natural coffee, white chocolate, and of course, a dash of sharp Russian vodka! By far, this is one of the boldest flavors from this brand. Totally worth trying! 

Russian Gem Hemp Zone Wraps

Natural Hemp Wraps

For all those who enjoy their smoke straight-up with no added flavors, we recommend trying Natural Hemp Wraps by Hemp Zone!

That’s right; Natural Hemp Zone Wraps are packed with only all-natural, raw hemp fibers, nothing less, nothing more! So if into flavorless blunt wraps, then go all out with this brand’s natural wraps, you’ll be glad you did. 

Natural Hemp Zone Wraps

Bee Berry Hemp Wraps

Among all 14 flavors, Bee Berry Hemp Wraps are without a doubt, one of the brand’s all-time favorites! But then again, these wraps are sweet, refreshing, and of course, slow-burning!

In terms of flavor, Bee Berry Wraps feature authentic notes of naturally fresh raspberries with noticeable hints of floral from the honey. So if you’re looking to enrich your smoke sessions, then ditch whatever you’re currently using and give this flavor by Hemp Zone a try! 

Bee Berry Hemp Zone Wraps

Kiwi Strawberry Hemp Wraps

For those looking to add a little tropical aroma to their herbs, we recommend checking out Kiwi Strawberry Hemp Wraps by Hemp Zone! With many duplicates out there, we assure you, this one is different. 

According to Hemp Zone, all their flavors are unique and 100% authentic! So if you’re in the mood for something sweet and slightly sour, then, by all means, don’t skip by without giving these Kiwi Strawberry wraps a try; you’ll be glad you did.  

Kiwi Strawberry Hemp Zone Wraps

Sweet Hemp Wraps

Naturally sweet and delightful, this is what to expect when trying Sweet Hemp Wraps from Hemp Zone! Plus, they burn slowly and evenly, unlike many other blunt wrap brands!

Not to mention, these sweet wraps are just as good, if not better, than any sweet-flavored tobacco-based blunt wrap! Facts! With that said, don’t take it from us alone, give the sweet wraps a chance and experience the difference for yourself, first hand. 

Sweet Hemp Zone Wraps

Kush Hemp Wraps

Slightly sweet and tangy with a touch of subtle lemon-lime flavor, you can expect nothing less with Kush Hemp Wraps by Hemp Zone!

In fact, smokers often say that these wraps offer a perfect infusion to any kush-based flower! Not to mention, they’re clean, smooth, and made from authentic kush-flavored hemp, just as you’d expect with a flavor that’s named after one of the most potent flowers ever produced. 

Kush Hemp Zone Wraps

Wet & Fruity Hemp Wraps

Wet & Fruity Hemp Wraps by Hemp Zone offer smokers something truly unique and original. So if you’ve been on the hunt for a tropically infused blunt wrap unlike all others, then we suggest giving this brand and flavor a chance!    

Not only did this brand master America’s favorite tropical blend, but they did so without the addition of tobacco or other harmful chemicals! As a result, Wet & Fruity has gone on to become one of the best-selling tropical blends ever produced for a blunt wrap! Try them today and you’ll instantly experience the difference! 

Wet & Fruity Hemp Zone Wraps

Mango Hemp Wraps

Naturally infused with premium-quality mango-flavored extract, there’s nothing not to love about Mango Hemp Wraps by Hemp Zone!

Made with superior ingenuity and craftsmanship, the blunt wraps are sweet, authentic-tasting, and of course, slow-burning, just as you’d expect with any Hemp Zone Wraps! So never settle for less, try Mango Hemp Zone Wraps today and enjoy the change! 

Mango Hemp Zone Wraps

Banana Hemp Wraps

Banana Hemp Wraps by Hemp Zone is indeed a real treat for those who enjoy this beloved fruit! As you may know, many have tried to perfect this flavor. Unfortunately, those attempts have all ended up failing the consumer, until now, of course!

That’s right; according to bud smokers nationwide, Hemp Zone nailed this flavor in the head, putting to rest many failed attempts! So if you have a love-jones for banana-flavored wraps, then don’t pass by without fueling up on a full supply of Banana Hemp Zone Wraps today! 

After all, it only takes one pull; after that, you’ll go bananas for Hemp Zone Banana Wraps! Yeah, they’re that impressive! Click the image below and experience the difference! See you there! 

Banana Hemp Zone Wraps

Grape Hemp Wraps

There’s no denying it, grape-flavored blunt wraps are one of the best-performing flavors to ever launch! Until this very day, this genuine flavor remains a top pick among consumers!

Unfortunately, not every brand was able to pull off the greatest flavor ever, which caused smokers to give up on the flavor in a quest to find something else more complex and authentic.

Since the early days of flavored blunt wraps, rather tobacco-based or hemp, the original grape flavor has always been a true crowd-pleaser! 

So if you’re tired of being let down by brands promising real grape-tasting flavor, then we’re pleased to present Grape Hemp Wraps by Hemp Zone! 

Not only will you be impressed, but you’ll likely never settle for less again! To know for sure, click the image below to experience these wraps first-hand. 

Grape Hemp Zone Wraps

Cherry Hemp Wraps – Wet Dreams

Uniquely crafted with excellence, Wet Dreams by Hemp Zone offers the best cherry-flavored blunt wraps ever produced. It’s a bold statement, we know, but truth be told, cherry is a hard flavor to conquer, yet this brand was able to pull it off after so many others came up short. 

Nonetheless, to pull off this flavor, and to create something unique-tasting at the same time, the creators of this flavor added a touch of blueberry fruit extract. As a result, bud smokers nationwide largely agreed, this flavor is official and worthy of co-signing! 

Since then, Wet Dreams has gone on to become one of the brand’s top-selling flavors of all times, and rightfully so! 

Wet Dreams Hemp Zone Wraps

French Vanilla Hemp Wraps

Saving the best for last, it’s our pleasure here at Bluegrass Tobacco to invite you to try Hemp Zone’s latest masterpiece; French Vanilla Hemp Wraps!

Compared to regular vanilla, French vanilla is richer and features a smoother consistency. Think regular vanilla ice cream… now, think about French vanilla ice cream… With this in mind, you can expect nothing less when you decide to give this flavor a try! 

French Vanilla Hemp Zone Wraps

Choose A Flavor And Let’s Blaze

With so many brands and flavors available today, we know it can be tough to decide which one to try! So to combat this confusion, the team at Bluegrass Tobacco decided to only partner up with top brands vetted by real smokers!

As you can see by our selection of Hemp Wraps, we only carry premium brands! Therefore, we make it much easier to find trusted names and flavors! Plus, all of our reviews are from real users and customers who are known for keeping it real. In return, we’re able to focus strictly on top-rated brands such as Hemp Zone! 

Last, but not least, we’d like to thank you for taking the time out to read this article about the 14 flavors offered by Hemp Zone! Not only are they an up-and-coming hemp wrap brand, but they’re also dedicated to the green movement, and from a business perspective, we think this dedication reflects in the quality of this brand’s products.

On that note, CLICK HERE to discover all of Hemp Zone’s latest and best-selling flavors! From there, you’ll be able to select one of the 14 flavors we discussed in this article and make it happen! Thanks again for reading, see you on the other side! logo
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