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Game Cigarillos Green 30ct
Game Cigarillos Green 30ct
Game Cigarillos Green 30ct

For smokers with refined palates, nothing can compare to the pleasingly mellow and creamy smooth flavors of Game Green Cigars. With very light hints of sweetness and a decadent aroma, each Game Green Cigar is sure to burn smoothly, slowly, and evenly. Plus, these top-notch cigars are machine-rolled to ensure consistency in flavor and texture. This also keeps them extremely affordable!

When you buy in bulk, you can save even more. Additionally, these Candella-style cigars are wrapped in genuine tobacco leaf wrappers. Then, they’re stuffed with a blend of some of the finest tobacco around! Also, they come in fresh foil pouches. These foil-lined pouches keep each cigar deliciously crisp and flavorful for a premium smoking sensation every time! Place your order today and savor the light freshness and delicate creamy sweetness personally!

Game Cigarillos
SMCI Holding, Inc
30 Packs of 2 Cigars

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