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Backwoods Cigars Black Russian 24ct Box
Backwoods Cigars Black Russian 24ct Box
Backwoods Cigars Black Russian 24ct Box

Black Russian Backwoods is by far, the most popular limited-edition flavor ever produced by this brand. Not only are they a fan favorite, but they’re also affordable, slow-burning, authentic in flavor, and of course, satisfying!

Indeed, Black Russian Backwoods are made with 100% Caribbean Basin Cuban-seed tobacco, just as you’d expect. Plus, they feature a genuine Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper for added character and flavor. Compared to others, Backwoods are aged for one year, not a day less! As a benefit, this brings out the broadleaf’s natural sweetness.

Furthermore, Black Russian Backwoods offer a unique blend of coffee liqueur and Vodka flavoring, which gives these cigars added character and class. So if you’re looking to add some extra flavor to your smoke, then here’s your chance to spice up your smoke life.

Get these limited-time gems while you can! Black Russian Backwoods now come in 8 convenient packs of 5, that’s 40 cigars for one low price! Limited Time Only! Order Today while supplies still last.

ITG Brands LLC
Black Russian - Limited Edition
Box of 24 Cigars
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