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Five Facts About Black & Mild Cigars

Every year, thousands of selective smokers indulge in Black & Mild Cigars. In fact, these delightfully sweet and rich little cigars are one of the most popular products in America! However, have you ever stopped to wonder why? 

Well, we have. In fact, we’ve taken the time to research and uncover exactly why Black & Milds are such a popular option among smokers. Without further ado, here are 5 reasons that the Black & Mild brand is so impressive!

1.) The Black & Mild Brand Has a Rich History

First of all, these delicious cigars have a history that’s as bold and rich as their tobacco leaf wrappers! With roots that stretch way back in history, Black & Milds have been a smoker’s favorite for decades. In fact, the Black & Mild Cigars are actually part of the Middleton tobacco line! 

Throughout the years, they have been popular in many social circles. In addition to this, they’ve stood the test of time as a top-rated American favorite for around 60 years! To be sure, these delicious smokes have one of the longest and most impressive histories around. 

2.) They Were Invented By the John Middleton Cigar Co.

Back in 1856, the legendary John Middleton first opened his small tobacco shop. Located in Philadelphia, PA, he never could have known how popular his cigars would one day be! 

As the Middleton company grew and expanded, they began developing new products. Ultimately, they created Black & Mild Cigars using one of their most popular all-original blends! Click Here to see all our Black & Mild flavors, in Bulk!

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3.) Black & Milds Are All-Original 

As absolute favorites in the United States among smokers with a sweet tooth, Black & Milds are truly all-original. This is because they were first made with a unique cherry tobacco blend! 

In the 1960s, the John Middleton company decided to use their famous Cherry Pipe Tobacco in a premium cigar wrapper. The rest, as they say, is history!

4.) They Implement a Signature Tobacco Blend 

One puff of a Black & Mild and most people will see exactly why they’re so popular. These delightfully sweet and bold cigars are perfectly balanced, mild, and mouth-watering! 

Since their unique tobacco blend is an industry secret, no other cigar maker can replicate their special flavors. Moreover, Black & Mild Cigars use genuine leaf wrappers!

5.) Choose From Many Mouth-Watering Flavors and Styles

Today, Black & Mild Cigars come in a huge range of flavors, styles, sizes, and blends. From cigars to cigarillos, they offer something for every smoker! No matter what you prefer, there’s a good chance that Black & Mild has something you’re going to really like.

For instance, if you like creamy flavors, they offer a Sweet Cream cigarillo like nothing else. Or, if you prefer, fruity, aromatic, or earthy flavors, then you should check out Grape, Apple, Green, Jazz, or Casino, cigars! These are just a few examples of what the brand offers. Really, their blend and flavor selection is second to none!

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