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RAW Cones

Without a doubt, RAW Cones are the most used rolling papers to date, even though there’s no rolling involved. So if you’ve been looking for an easier way to roll up your herb, then, by all means, you need to give these cones a try!

In fact, we recommend switching from papers as soon as you can, like right now! Unless, of course, you enjoy rolling, then in that case, you should already be smoking from RAW Rolling Papers! However, if rolling isn’t your thing, then RAW Cones offer a game-changing opportunity and solution! Not only will you produce a perfectly rolled joint every time, but you’ll also enjoy smoking more because RAW Cones are smooth, great-tasting, and slow-burning!

In addition to that, here are some more great benefits of using RAW Cones. First, they’re NON-GMO. In other words, they’re an all-natural, Vegan-friendly product. Second, these cones are 100% organic, meaning no chlorine, bleach, or added chalks and dyes! Indeed, the RAW Company only uses pure plant fibers or Hemp fibers if you prefer. So if you’re looking to keep it true green and clean, then RAW Cones is the way to go!

Lastly, you can score a box of cones in a variety of sizes! That’s right; we offer RAW Cones in Classic (which is enough for 1gm), King Size, & Organic Hemp, in both sizes! Plus, if you purchase from us, you’ll save a ton of cash by securing one of our bulk-size 32-count boxes! So don’t delay, take advantage of our nationwide next-day shipping, and order fast while supplies last.