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Cyclones Cones

Average Price : $18.15

High Hemp Cones

Average Price : $22.99

Job Cones

Average Price : $38.19

OCB Pre Rolled Cones

Average Price : $50.47

Palm Leaf by Royal Blunts

Average Price : $34.05

Pop Cones

Average Price : $2.99

Raw Cones

Average Price : $46.31

Royal Blunts Hemp Cones

Average Price : $10.69

Shine Cones

Average Price : $102.09

Zig Zag Cones

Average Price : $18.91

Rolling Cones

Rolling cones are pre-rolled rolling papers that are shaped like a cone, making it easier to fill and roll your own herb. Also, they’re made by several respected brands such as Cyclones, High Hemp, Job, OCB, Palm Leaf, Royal Blunts, Raw Cones, and Zig Zag. Some benefits of using rolling cones include the following:

Convenience: Rolling cones eliminate the need to roll joints by hand, saving time and effort.

Consistency: Rolling cones ensure that your joints are rolled to the same size and shape every time.

Less waste: Rolling cones minimize the amount of herb that’s dropped during the rolling process.

Variety: Rolling cones come in different sizes, materials, and flavors, allowing for a more customized smoking experience.

You can now buy all these branded Rolling Cones here at Bluegrass Tobacco. Best of all, we offer bulk-size boxes, saving you a ton of cash over time! Plus, we ship nationwide; so pick up a box of cones today and instantly save time and money! With so many flavors, brands, types, and sizes available, we’re sure there’s an option here that was made with you in mind.