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Smokers Pride Taste Pipe Tobacco

Do you love the smooth and balanced flavor of Smokers Pride Pipe Tobacco? Have you been looking for a distinctive and flavorful option that can be used for RYO cigarettes? Well, you’re in luck. Smokers Pride Taste is the perfect go-to! In flavor and consistency, Smokers Pride Taste is light years ahead of its competitors. Made by the same company that brought you Smokers Pride Pipe Tobacco, Smokers Pride Taste is smooth, carefully refined, slightly sweet, and extremely easy to work with.

This versatile RYO tobacco works for hand-rolling applications and for automatic cigarette filling machines. It can also be used to blend with pipe tobacco. So, it’s super handy to have on tap at all times. Plus, you’re going to really like this tobacco’s distinctive flavors! Made using a selective blend of flue-cured and air-cured Kentucky Burley and Virginia Bright Leaf strains, it’s balanced, rich, warm, and smooth.

Since Smokers Pride Taste tobacco is free of drying agents and other similar chemicals, you’ll love how consistently it burns. It’s also delicately moist without being overly sticky. Additionally, this tobacco is carefully cut and free of stems for better value and easier rolling, pinching, and packing.

Affordable Smokers Pride Taste comes in Regular, Smooth, and Menthol blends for RYO and pipe smoking applications. The Regular blend implements that signature balanced nutty and sweet taste that only Smokers Pride can offer. The Menthol tobacco blend builds on this distinctive flavor profile by adding crisp minty top notes for a cool and fulfilling finish. Also, there are Smokers Pride Rich Taste Pipe Tobacco packs, which are ideal for blending and straight pipe smoking. These tobacco packs also come in Rich and Menthol flavors!

The best way to understand the versatility and deliciousness of Smokers Pride Taste is to try it for yourself! At BluegrassTobacco.Com, we offer Smokers Pride Taste Tobacco in pipe-ready packs and resealable RYO bags. At close to wholesale prices, you can’t go wrong by ordering here!


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