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Red Cap Pipe Tobacco

If you’ve been looking for an award-winning tobacco blend that comes with a rich legacy and history, Red Cap Tobacco is for you. This premium tobacco has been satisfying smokers around the world for over 95 years! As such, you can be sure that every premium batch of Red Cap Tobacco has been crafted with excellence, experience, and superior skill.

Smooth, rich, and undeniably satisfying, Red Cap Tobacco is in a class all its own! With its premium signature blend of air-cured Virginia and Burley tobacco leaves and hints of sweet rich Cavendish, the Red Cap blend is like nothing else on the market!

You’ll love the authentic flavors and delicious finish offered by Red Cap Tobacco. It’s perfect for a range of smoking applications. Plus, this premium tobacco blend comes in large bags that are resealable to lock in the perfect moisture balance. This works to preserve the flavor and aromatic properties of this high-quality tobacco down to the very last pinch!

Moreover, Red Cap Tobacco comes in two signature blends. The No. 7 Blend is a tried and true option that’s been satisfying smokers for nearly 100 years! Or, the award-winning Regular blend is available for those looking for authentic and original air-cured flavors.

All in all, if you’ve been craving a delicious tobacco blend that implements hints of premium Cavendish, you’re going to want to give Red Cap Tobacco a try! Or, perhaps you’ve been smoking Red Cap Tobacco for years and have been searching for a way to get it online at a better price. Either way, at BluegrassTobacco.Com, we’ve got you covered!

Not only do we sell hard-to-find Red Cap Tobacco in both blends right here, but we also offer ultra-low close-to-wholesale prices! So, you can save yourself some time and money and get your Red Cap Tobacco from our reputable online smoke shop today!


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