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Jester Pipe Tobacco

Although Jester Tobacco has a whimsical name, this delightfully rich and smooth blend of premium rolling tobacco is no joking matter! Loaded with delicious flavors and designed for savvy smokers who want nothing but the best, the Jester Tobacco Brand is known for quality, consistency, and value. We're not fooling around! At an affordable price, you can save tons of money every year by rolling your own cigarettes with Jester Tobacco.

This is the perfect go-to option for selective smokers who want an all-day blend with mouth-watering flavors that’ll never let you down. After all, when you're juggling the stress of daily life, you need a quality and reliable rolling tobacco blend to get you through the day.

Made with a signature blend of Bright Kentucky Burley tobacco leaves and smooth flue-cured Virginias, Jester Tobacco has a distinctive flavor profile that will keep your taste buds tantalized in every puff! Plus, Jester tobacco is easy to roll with it. Since it contains just the right amount of moisture, you can easily use it for hand-rolling applications or load it into the hopper of your automatic rolling machine!

Then, Jester tobacco comes in two signature Blends. First of all, there's Jester Regular tobacco. This bold and robust tobacco blend delivers straightforward flavors and is always satisfying. It has a rich and clean finish that will effortlessly annihilate your cravings! Alternatively, for those who prefer the crisp flavor of menthol cigarettes, there is Jester Menthol Tobacco. With refreshing hints of natural mint, this tobacco hits smooth and has a cool finish.

Since Jester Tobacco comes in large 16oz bags, there's always enough to go around. Additionally, Jester Tobacco bags are resealable to lock in freshness. This allows you to get the best possible value down to the very last pinch!

If you're ready to brighten up your day with the delectably fresh flavors of Jester Tobacco, you can now order it right here! At BluegrassTobacco.Com, we sell Jester Tobacco and a range of other delectable tobacco brands and blends at close to wholesale prices!


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