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Double Platinum Cigar Style Blunt Wraps

Have you been searching high and low for superior flavored tobacco blunt wraps? If so, Double Platinum is a fantastic brand to go with. These premium machine-made blunt wraps come in a wide range of mouth-watering flavors. They're also carefully packaged in sealed foil pouches that preserve their aromas and fresh flavors.

These cigarillo-style blunt wraps are ideal for smokers who want fulfilling and rich smoking sessions. They allow you to get that satisfying nicotine tingle without having to dump out a bunch of tobacco filler. Additionally, these blunt wraps naturally hold their form, meaning that they're extraordinarily easy to roll with.

In addition to this, Double Platinum blunt wraps are carefully machine-made. So, they’re always uniform and make a high-quality and affordable smoking solution. They burn consistently as well. As such, if you want smooth slow-burning smoking sessions, choose Double Platinum. These tobacco blunt wraps are of good quality down to the last puff!

Then, Double Platinum blunt wraps come in a wide range of mouth-watering flavors. That way, there's something for every smoker's tastes! With premium ingredients and decadent flavor infusions, these wraps can be relied on for great taste in every puff.

Top-rated Double Platinum blunt wrap flavors include Strawberry Kiwi, Purple, Wet Cherry, Pink Berry, Bluez, and Apple Martini. Finally, these blunt wraps come in convenient and easy to carry foil pouches, which means that Double Platinum wraps are the perfect go-to for smokers on the move.

Here at BluegrassTobacco.Com, we sell Double Platinum blunt wraps in all of the most popular flavors. On top of that, we offer these premium tobacco blunt wraps at close to wholesale prices! We sell them in fresh 15-count boxes. So, with two wraps per packet, you'll get 30 fulfilling and delicious blunt wraps in total with every order!