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Rio Pipe Tobacco

If you’ve been looking for an inexpensive RYO brand with quality tobacco blends that taste great, Rio is well worth checking out. Rio is one of those brands that you’ll find yourself comparing other brands to. Its distinctive flavor profile is airy, warm, slightly sweet, and very satisfying to smoke.

The luscious flavor profile of Rio tobacco comes from its signature blend of air-cured tobacco leaves. These leaves are harvested at the peak of perfection and then carefully refined for a consistent rolling experience every time. In fact, Rio is one of the best RYO brands out there for those who hand-roll their cigarettes or use an automatic rolling machine.

Moreover, Rio Tobacco comes in bags that are resealable to lock in flavor and freshness. So, you’ll be able to get the most value out of every bag of tobacco since it’s good down to the last pinch. Also, Rio is an affordable option for those who want to enjoy unique flavors without breaking the bank.

Rio tobacco comes available in three signature blends. The first blend is Rio's full-flavored Original tobacco. With rich undertones, warm robust mid-notes, and fruity top notes, it has a satisfying finish that you’re sure to enjoy. Then, there’s Rio Smooth. This mellow smooth blend is airy, fresh, and comfortable to smoke in every puff. Finally, Rio offers a menthol blend that’s rich, crisp, minty, and refreshing. This minty blend is ideal for those who prefer menthol cigarettes!

Whether you want to try Rio Tobacco for the first time or have been smoking it for years, we’ve got you covered. At BluegrassTobacco.Com, we offer all of Rio’s most popular blends at close to wholesale prices! Since we ship directly, you can skip the trip to the smoke shop and save money all at once!


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