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Middleton's Cherry Pipe Tobacco

With a history nearly as rich and interesting as the blend itself, Middleton’s Cherry Pipe Tobacco is a legend in its own right. For over one hundred years, the John Middleton Company has been manufacturing premium tobacco products that are like nothing else on the market! The Middleton company was originally started by John Middleton. Middleton's Cherry Pipe Tobacco is John Middleton’s original signature Cherry tobacco blend!

It all started in the 1850s when John Middleton was playing around in the back of his tobacco shop. He decided to mix fresh tart cherries with his cigar tobacco blend to create a sweet and satisfying smoking experience like nothing ever crafted before. Although he originally intended this blend only to be used for friends and family, it quickly caught on and became a top seller!

Decades later, the Middleton company decided to implement this signature Cherry Tobacco Blend in their modern cigars. In fact, that's where the first Black and Mild Cigars came from! For those who smoke from a pipe and want to experience old-fashioned flavors, this tobacco is amazing. It will take your taste buds on a trip to a bygone era! Middleton's Cherry Pipe tobacco is hands down one of the best pipe tobacco options around.

There's a reason that Middleton's Cherry Pipe Tobacco has been a top-seller for decades. When you stuff it in the bowl of your pipe, you'll enjoy a rich and mouth-watering smoking experience that’s slightly sweet and entirely pure. Plus, Middleton's Cherry Pipe Tobacco is perfectly moistened and easy to work with. This tobacco blend is ideal for first-time pipe smokers or veterans who want to stick with only the best premium blends.

In flavor, Middleton's Cherry Pipe Tobacco has delicately sweet and tart top notes with hints of fresh tart cherries. For mid-notes, Middleton's Cherry is smooth and satisfying in flavor with a delightfully sweet and unforgettable aroma. Then, this tobacco has sweet and sultry rich undertones that are sure to leave you satisfied.

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