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Elkhorn Pipe Tobacco

Have you been looking for a rich and delicious blend of all-American tobacco leaves? If you have, look no further than the Elkhorn brand. Smooth, rich, and delicious down to the last puff, Elkhorn Tobacco is ideal for roll-your-own enthusiasts! So, if you want to roll high-quality cigarettes without breaking the bank, we highly recommend trying Elkhorn Tobacco.

Since Elkhorn Tobacco implements only the finest US-grown tobacco leaves, every bag is of the highest quality. You won’t have to worry about stems, shake, or inconsistency. This tobacco is carefully refined and cut evenly. Then, it’s packaged fresh for the optimal balance of moisture and a tantalizing sweet aroma.

Then, Elkhorn Tobacco implements a signature blend of sweet Kentucky Burley, Virginia, and Bright Leaf tobacco leaves. So, each puff of this tobacco is rich, bold, and smooth. Its rich aroma is also divine. Take a whiff of this tobacco, and you may detect slightly chocolatey hints with leather undertones and honey top notes.

For flavors, you can choose from Elkhorn Red and Elkhorn Gold. Both flavors implement the same signature blend of US-grown tobacco. However, Elkhorn Gold uses lighter golden leaves for a gentler and more mellow smoke. If you want a richer blend, try Elkhorn Red.

For the best value on this signature American tobacco brand, order here! At BluegrassTobacco.Com, we offer freshly packaged 16oz bags of Elkhorn Tobacco. With fast nationwide shipping, you can skip the trip to the tobacco store and get your tobacco delivered directly to your preferred address!


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