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Winchester Little Cigars

For those who prefer only the most selective tobacco blends and desire convenient portable smoking satisfaction, Winchester Little Cigars are an ideal solution. These superior little cigars are loaded with pure and authentic tobacco flavor! Plus, they come in convenient 20-count packs for satisfyingly supreme smoke breaks anywhere!

Known as the original little cigars, Winchesters have been around since the 1970s. For over 50 years, these premium little cigars have been satisfying smokers who crave decadent and genuine cigar tobacco flavor on the go! As a top-selling little cigar brand in the United States, you’ll have a hard time surpassing the quality and consistency of Winchester Little Cigars.

Free of harshness and smooth to the last puff, Winchester Little Cigars are perfectly sized for smoke breaks at any time. Enjoy a fresh and flavorful Winchester after dinner, with your morning cup of coffee, or before bed as you sip on your favorite nightcap. No matter how you smoke these cigars, you’re sure to experience fulfilling and satisfying serenity!

In flavor, Winchester Little Cigars have an almost earthy and woody profile. They yield smooth undertones, authentic tobacco mid-notes, and a mild yet satisfying finish. Additionally, the aroma of these little cigars is simply divine! With essences that compare to aged oak, these little cigars pair wonderfully with whiskey, scotch, cognac, and rum. The distinctive and crave-worthy Winchester tobacco blend is like nothing else.

For exceptionally smooth and indulgent tobacco flavor, try Winchester Little Cigars now! It’s easy to order them right here at BluegrassTobacco.Com. Not only do we sell these delicious cigars in both standard and 100 pack sizes, but we offer them at close to wholesale prices in large fresh cartons. With fast shipping and top-rated customer service, you can’t go wrong! Try Winchester Little Cigars and savor their premium high-quality and indulgently smooth decadence for yourself!