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Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco

Proudly grown, harvested, and packaged right here in the U.S.A, Golden Harvest is a top-rated rolling tobacco brand that never disappoints! Since it comes at an affordable price, it’s a fantastic choice for smokers who want a premium product for the best value.

In every fresh and resealable bag of Golden Harvest Tobacco, you’ll find a well-balanced blend of Grade-A US-grown Kentucky Burley and Virginia tobacco leaves. Since this tobacco brand is made by Rouseco, Inc., it comes straight out of North Carolina! So, when you purchase Golden Harvest Tobacco, you’re supporting a quality company with locally-based employees.

On top of that, Golden Harvest Tobacco has been a smoker’s favorite for decades. As such, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product with loads of industry experience backing it up. Moreover, Golden Harvest Tobacco comes in a multitude of flavored blends!

First off, there’s classic Golden Harvest Red. This robust blend is full-bodied and rich for a smooth smoking experience with a satisfying finish. Next, there’s flavorful and rich Golden Harvest Blue. This tobacco is extremely smooth and slightly mellow in flavor. Then, Golden Harvest offers a refreshing and crisp Green blend. Finally, there’s light Golden Harvest Silver and mellow Golden Harvest Yellow.

No matter which flavorful blend you decide to try, every bag of Golden Harvest Tobacco is resealable. As such, you’ll get the best value, flavor, and consistency, down to the very last pinch. Now, you can easily taste the delicious flavors and home-grown quality of Golden Harvest Tobacco for yourself! Simply order it here for the best online prices around.

At BluegrassTobacco.Com, we sell only the freshest high-quality tobacco products at the lowest possible prices. In fact, when you buy in bulk, you’ll get close to wholesale values! So, you can skip the hassle of the tobacco store and start saving today!