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Djarum Little Cigars

Do you love the taste of cigars but want to add a little bit of spice to your life? Are you a fan of signature clove cigarette flavors and want a premium product that you can enjoy every day? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, it’s probably time to give Djarum little cigars a try. Sometimes called Djarum clove cigarettes, Djarum filtered little cigars are fulfilling in flavorful, sensationally spiced, and delightfully delicious!

With complex aromatic flavors and real cloves mixed into the short filler tobacco blend, the taste of Djarum filtered little cigars never gets old. These delightfully unique little cigars are ideal for smoke breaks on the go, at home, or throughout your workday. That spiced clove flavor is refreshing and enticing with warm undertones and an incredibly smooth finish! Plus, these delicious little cigars will leave you feeling calm, rejuvenated, and totally satisfied.

For over one hundred years, people have been enjoying the taste of clove-infused tobacco. After all, nothing quite compares to the way cloves burn, crackle, and smoke. Moreover, the Djarum cigar blend has been expertly refined since 1951! So, if quality and value are important to you, these mouth-watering filtered little cigars are a wonderful solution.

These premium clove filtered cigars are made by the PT Djarum Company located in Kudus, Central Java. PT Djarum was one of the first mainstream manufacturers of clove cigarettes! As such, you can rest easy knowing that experience, skill, and care go into every Djarum clove little cigar in each 20-count pack.

In addition to this, Djarum Little Cigars come in a multitude of carefully crafted blends including Black (the original blend), Splash (a refreshing twist), Bali Hai, Ruby, Black Ivory, Select (mild), Special, Menthol, Sapphire, and Smooth.

Whether you want to try Djarum clove little cigars for the first time or have been enjoying them for ages, BluegrassTobacco.Com is the perfect place to shop! We sell all of the famous Djarum flavors at close to wholesale prices!