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Derringer Little Cigars

If you love the taste of natural tobacco and also want a premium filtered little cigar with a smooth mild profile, Derringer Little Cigars are for you. Made using a signature blend of American-grown tobacco, these delightful little cigars will leave you feeling satisfied, refreshed, and calm. In fact, the natural tobacco blend in these cigars is one of the best blends in the USA!

Derringer filtered little cigars are manufactured by Cheyenne International LLC in North Carolina. This is the same quality company that creates Cheyenne Little Cigars. Derringer Little Cigars use the same premium short filler but with a blend that implements extra Kentucky Burley air-cured tobacco. Then, these cigars are equipped with thick filters for mellow, comfortable, and flavorful smoke. All this, without any bite or harnesses!

Additionally, Derringer Cigars come in a range of delicious blends. That way, there’s something for everyone’s unique tastes! First of all, there’s the all-original mellow Classic blend. This smooth and flavorful blend is ideal for smoke breaks anytime, anywhere. Then, there’s a rich and robust Full Flavor blend. For an indulgent and slightly sweet smoke, try the Vanilla blend! Or, for a fruity touch of decadent sweetness, there's a Cherry blend available. Finally, for those who prefer fresher flavors, there are minty and crisp menthols.

Derringer Little Cigars are a great option for cigarette smokers who want a better experience for a fraction of the cost. Since these little cigars have filters and use premium natural American tobacco, you’ll get better quality than anything you can find in cigarettes. Plus, they cost around one-third as much!

Now, you can easily order these fresh and flavorful filtered little cigar packs at BluegrassTobacco.Com. With direct shipping and close to wholesale prices, you’ll get 10 packs each holding 20 fresh little cigars while also saving a ton of money! Order today and experience satisfaction and savings for yourself.