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1839 Little Cigars

Nothing beats relaxing with a premium filtered little cigar. Perfectly packed 1839 Cigars are an amazing solution for smokers who want to switch from cigarettes without experiencing any harshness. So, if you’ve been looking for a premium filtered little cigar to try, this is a great brand to go with!

Made using some of the finest tobacco available in the United States, these premium little cigars offer a signature classic flavor profile. They’re made with a blend that has roots stretching all of the ways back to the late 1830s! Carefully crafted by Premier Manufacturing, 1839 Cigars come in a range of delightfully satisfying flavors. Plus, they’re wonderfully aromatic, smooth, and comfortable to smoke.

The popular Full-Flavor 1839 blend is bold, robust, and loaded with signature Kentucky Burley flavors. So, if you love straightforward little cigars, 1839 Full-Flavor is a great choice. Next, there’s a refreshingly crisp and minty Menthol blend. With their smooth and slightly sweet mid-notes, 1839 Menthol Little Cigars are perfect for menthol cigarette smokers. Finally, 1839 has a Light blend. Airy, delicate, and comfortable to smoke, these light filtered little cigars are great for smoke breaks anytime, anywhere!

If that’s not enough, 1839 Little Cigars come at an impressively low price. Depending on what the prices are where you live, you can buy these flavorful little cigars for a fraction of what cigarettes cost. So, it’s easy to stock up on your favorite tobacco products without breaking the bank!

At BluegrassTobacco.Com, we sell an array of delightful little cigars including the entire 1839 product lineup! So, you can skip the frustration of trying to find these filtered 1839 Cigars in stores and get them right here. With fast nationwide shipping and close to wholesale prices, you can’t go wrong!