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Rap Cigarillos

Are you ready to get into the rap game? The Rap cigarillo game, that is. Rap cigarillos are loaded with flavor, burn smoothly and slowly, and are perfect for smoking anytime, anywhere. Plus, these delicious cigarillos come at an extremely affordable price!

Indeed, Rap cigarillos are one of the most popular products in the cigar industry for a reason. First of all, these stunning smokes are manufactured with the highest standards of quality and care. Then, they're made with a signature blend of fresh Dominican tobacco for a robust yet mellow flavor. Perfectly balanced with homogenized tobacco wrappers, Rap cigarillos also come in a wide range of delightful flavor infusions.

The most popular Rap cigarillo flavor is probably Blueberry. Blueberry Rap cigarillos are delightfully fresh, delicately smooth, and unique, with hints of sweet ripe blueberries. The next most popular flavor is Grape. Grape Rap cigarillos are slightly sweet with the flavors of tart purple candy grape!

Then, there are Rap Hawaiian Pineapple cigarillos. These delicious blunt-style cigarillos are perfect for a range of smoking applications. There’s also a rich Kush flavor that goes very well with a range of mean green herbal products. Or, for those who like the flavors of sweet strawberries and tart kiwis, Rap cigarillos are available in a delightfully refreshing Strawberry Kiwi flavor. Other premium Rap cigarillo flavors include White Grape, Sweet, and Zero (unflavored).

Moreover, Rap cigarillos are sold in fresh 15 count-foil pouches containing 4 perfectly machine-made smokes each. This makes them an extremely budget-friendly choice! Smoke them on your work breaks, after dinner, or whenever you simply feel the need to kick back and relax.

Now, it's easier than ever to try Rap cigarillos for yourself. You can easily order them right here at BluegrassTobacco.Com! Not only do we sell all of the most popular Rap cigarillo flavors, but we offer them at close to wholesale prices.