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Zippo Lighters

There's nothing quite like having a premium Zippo lighter in your pocket. Since the early 1930s, these lighters have been leaders in the smoking world. Honestly, Zippo lighters are some of the only accessories that people from all walks of life can appreciate! Originally designed for wind-resistant cigar lighting, these reusable lighters are an all-American icon!

Smokers using Zippo lighters can be found on Broadway, in Hollywood, in the music industry, and more. Not only are these lighters iconic, but they're also very durable and highly functional. Made in Bradford Pennsylvania, Zippo lighters are crafted to the highest standards of quality. They even come with a lifetime guarantee!

Indeed, for nearly a century, no Zippo lighter has ever required a mechanical repair. Regardless of your Zippo’s condition or age, you can depend on it to light pipes, cigars, cigarettes, or anything else, again and again. Moreover, Zippo lighters come in a range of colors, materials, and designs. So, finding the best lighter for your style is easy.

For sports enthusiasts, we have lighters showcasing all of your favorite teams. From the Astros to the Yankees, we've got a lighter for everyone to love! Our NFL lighters are extremely unique, and our Nascar lighters are collectible! Moreover, we sell genuine Zippo flints and wicks. Therefore, keeping your lighter in immaculate condition has never been easier.

Additionally, we are constantly updating our Zippo lighter inventory. As such, there are regularly new lighter designs for you to love! Since Zippo lighters are collectible, you can never have too many. If we don't have the exact style of Zippo lighter that you're looking for, simply message us! Here at Bluegrass Tobacco, we want to become your go-to for Zippo lighters and smoking accessories.