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Velvet Pipe Tobacco

Ideal for smokers looking for smooth satisfaction, Velvet Pipe Tobacco is like nothing else on the market. Even the name conjures notions of thick, rich, velvety smoke! Made to satisfy the needs of pipe smokers and RYO enthusiasts alike, the straightforward and satisfying flavors of Velvet Pipe Tobacco are impossible to deny!

The distinctive Velvet Pipe Tobacco blend implements fresh sun-ripened Kentucky Burley strains. Harvested at the peak of perfection, carefully cured, and fermented to provide a delightfully sophisticated aged flavor, this tobacco burns smoothly and slowly. Since it’s ribbon cut, it can be used for pipes or rolling applications!

In flavor, Velvet Pipe Tobacco is robust, slightly sweet, and unapologetic. This tobacco’s signature flavor is enhanced with the delicate hints of licorice, anise, and light cherry top notes. As such, RYO enthusiasts looking for sweetly satisfying custom filler will appreciate the signature Velvet Tobacco taste. Moreover, Velvet Tobacco makes a great blending solution. So, if you like to mix and match the tobacco blends in your pipe bowl, having a supply of Velvet Tobacco on hand is always wise.

Versatile and affordable, Velvet Pipe Tobacco really embodies the Kentucky Burley Tobacco spirit while also adding smooth sophistication and sweetness. In color, it’s dark and rich with a delicately moistened and highly pinchable consistency. Velvet Tobacco is an awesome solution for those transitioning from a pipe to hand-rolled cigarettes since it masterfully combines the qualities of both RYO and pipe tobacco. Additionally, Velvet Tobacco can be purchased in both resealable pouches and cans.

If you’re ready to give Velvet tobacco a try, you can easily order it right here at BluegrassTobacco.Com! We strive to provide our customers with unparalleled service and fast nationwide shipping. Plus, since we sell this tobacco at close to wholesale prices, you can save money while also skipping the trip to the tobacco shop.


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