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Backwoods Pipe Tobacco

Fresh, flavorful, and always evenly cut, Backwoods Pipe Tobacco is a perfect option for those who want a better smoking experience. Since the 1970s, the Backwoods brand has been going strong. Backwoods is known for crafting an array of bold signature flavors for rugged adventurers who think outside of the box!

Although the company started out with cigars and cigarettes, they began creating signature tobacco blends for an array of other smoking styles! Backwoods Tobacco now comes in blends that are ideal for pipes or for rolling cigarettes at home.

For pipe smokers, compact 1.5oz tobacco packs are available for convenient smoke brakes anytime, anywhere. If you roll your own cigarettes (RYO), you can purchase Backwoods Tobacco in large resealable 16oz bags! Either way, Backwoods Tobacco is fresh, smooth, rich, and extremely satisfying to smoke.

Known for crafting delightfully original signature flavors, there’s a style of Backwoods Tobacco for everyone. For those who like sweet aromatic flavors, Backwoods Cherry Pipe Tobacco is a fantastic choice. Or, for pipe smokers looking for a savory experience like nothing else, Backwoods Buttered Rum is an amazing option to try! Then, for rolling tobacco, you can choose between Backwoods Blue, Green, and Red blends!

At BluegrassTobacco.Com, we sell Backwoods Tobacco in various package sizes. That way, there’s something for any budget or smoking application! So, if you’ve been looking for a great place to buy this delightfully smooth tobacco, look no further. Now, it’s easier than ever to skip the trip to the tobacco store and have Backwoods Tobacco shipped right to your front door!

Furthermore, when you buy Backwoods tobacco here, you’ll have access to some of the best online prices around! At BluegrassTobacco.Com, we strive to offer the best customer service and the freshest high-quality tobacco. Here, you’ll be able to access close to wholesale discounts and bulk-purchasing options!


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