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Little Cigar Sampler Carton

Have you been wanting to try little cigars but aren't sure where to start? Perhaps, you're tired of paying for expensive dried-out gas station cigarettes. Or, maybe you just want to indulge in the fresh high-quality tobacco flavors that only premium filtered little cigars yield. No matter what your situation is, we've got the perfect solution for you!

At BluegrassTobacco.Com, we now sell premium little cigar sampler carton assortments for low online prices! In each fresh and carefully selected sampler carton, you will get ten 20-count packs of some of the best little cigars on the market!

That's not all! Our delicious little cigar sampler cartons come in an array of flavors. That way, there's something for everyone to love! For instance, do you love the flavor of fresh black cherries? Or, do you prefer tart red cherries? Maybe, that sweet amaretto cherry flavor is your favorite. Not to worry! We offer a rich sampler carton of cherry little cigars with all kinds of mouth-watering cherry flavors for you to try! This carton contains 10 packs of cherry-flavored filtered little cigars from the most popular brands in America.

That’s not all! We don't stop at cherry little cigar sampler cartons. We also have a little cigar sampler carton of full-flavored blends! Once again, these full-flavored little cigars come from some of the most popular makers on the market. So, you can try everything and decide for yourself which bold and robust tobacco flavors you enjoy most! Then, we offer our little cigar sampler cartons in fresh grape, mellow light, fresh menthol, decadent peach, sweet strawberry, and decadent vanilla flavors! Each sampler carton comes with 10 fresh packs of little cigars from various makers so that you can sample everything at your own pace.

With our sampler cartons, you can try everything in your favorite flavor category and decide which brands and blends you prefer. On top of all this, we offer our little cigar sampler cartons at close to wholesale prices! In total, you’ll get over 200 premium filtered little cigars in the flavor of your choice! All this, for what just a few packs of gas station cigarettes would cost. Order your own BluegrassTobacco.Com Little Cigar Sampler Carton today and savor the satisfaction for yourself!