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Half Pipe Cigars

Are you a pipe smoker looking for a delicious way to enjoy premium pipe tobacco on the go? Or, perhaps you’re a cigar smoker craving a delectably fresh blend of pipe tobacco mixed into your cigars. Either way, Half Pipe has you covered. Half Pipe cigars are just what they sound like: These cigars implement a premium blend of half cigar and half pipe tobacco all rolled into a genuine leaf wrapper!

The even blend used in these cigars implements pure rich Dominican tobacco leaves. The combination of 50/50 pipe and premium cigar tobacco works to create an exotic and mellow flavor combination like no other. As such, each and every Half Pipe cigar yields a satisfying and distinctive smoking experience from start to finish!

In addition to this, Half Pipe cigars have a signature aroma that will tantalize your senses with a profile that’s rich, decadent, spiced, and slightly sweet. Then, these delectable and indulgent cigars come in three mouth-watering flavors. Choose from Epic Red, Gold Rush, or Sweet Ride variants.

Moreover, the delicious 50/50 Half Pipe tobacco blend is carefully stuffed into real Dominican leaf wrappers. This adds an extra touch of sweetness and a superior nicotine tingle! These cigars pack a punch without any harshness.

Every Half Pipe cigar is smooth and flavorful with an even and long-lasting burn for an unquestionably authentic slow-draw smoking experience. Half Pipe cigars are also perfect for smoking whenever you want to kick back and unwind with your favorite drink in hand! Plus, they come in fresh foil pouches so that their flavors are always perfectly preserved.

At BluegrassTobacco.Com, we sell all three of the most popular Half Pipe cigar blends. Not only that, but we offer these signature 50/50 pipe tobacco cigars at close to wholesale prices. So, you can get the most bang for your buck while also experiencing some of the most flavorful Dominican machine-made cigars out there!