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Dutch Leaf Cigar-Style Tobacco Blunt Wraps

Since their release in February of 2021, Dutch Leaf wraps have been flying off of the shelves. From the famous Dutch Masters Cigar Company, these wraps are a fantastic option for smokers seeking superiority and thin slow-burning satisfaction.

Made with real tobacco leaves, Dutch Leaf wraps are relatively thin and allow you to roll superior blunts that will accentuate your smoking experience. With light flavor infusions, a signature nicotine tingle, and rich tobacco aromas, Dutch Leaf wraps are a hit!

In addition to this, these fine tobacco leaf wraps come in freshly sealed foil pouches. Each fresh foil pouch contains two wraps. These pouches are easy to open, and keep the wraps fresh, flavorful, carefully preserved. That way, even though these wraps are thin, you won’t have to worry about holes or tears. So, for an incredibly low price, you can get a relatively high number of good quality Dutch Leaf wraps!

From there, Dutch Leaf wraps offer a few delicious flavor options. First of all, there are the Pure Tobacco leaf wraps. These wraps are genuine and straightforward with a touch of premium tobacco flavor and a signature aroma. Then, if you want that same tobacco flavor but with a touch of light sweetness, there are Dutch Leaf Real Sweet wraps. Finally, for a fresh berry twist, try Dutch Leaf Ripe Berry wraps. These berry-infused wraps offer hints of real blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries, for a gentle flavor infusion that will take your herb to the next level.

All in all, Dutch Leaf wraps are perfect for smokers who want light flavor infusions, reliable consistency, and genuine tobacco satisfaction in every smoke session, all for an affordable price. To get these wraps at the best possible value, order them right here at BluegrassTobacco.Com. Not only do we sell Dutch Leaf wraps in large bulk boxes, but we offer top-notch customer service, fast shipping, and access to real-life user reviews. With our close to wholesale prices, you can't go wrong!