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Backwoods Cigars Dark Stout 24ct
Backwoods Cigars Dark Stout 24ct
Backwoods Cigars Dark Stout 24ct

Dark Stout Backwoods are indeed one of the best-tasting cigarillos ever made! But then again, these particular cigars are as authentic as they come! So if you’re looking to switch to something rich, bold, and flavorful, then here’s an opportunity you don’t want to pass!

That’s right; Dark Stout Backwoods are made with 100% premium Cuban-seed tobacco from the Dominican Republic. Plus, they come wrapped in an all-natural Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper to add flavor, character, and originality. So as you can see, these Backwoods are as genuine as they come! Plus, they’re super affordable, especially if you purchase from us!

Lastly, you can buy Dark Stout Backwoods at Bluegrass Tobacco in a 24-pack box at a price that’s guaranteed to sell. Not to mention, we deliver nationwide, so order Backwoods today and we’ll be on our way with your favorite cigarillos! Now Available while supplies last.

ITG Brands LLC
Dark Stout
Box of 24 Cigars
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